English & EAL

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  1. Draftback – playback the revision history of Google Docs
  2. Easy Accents – “This Add-on allows users to easily insert accents for different languages directly from a sidebar in their Google Slides.”


  1. Grammarly – Chrome extension for spelling and grammar help


  1. 17 English words that come from Japanese
  2. A Poem A Day
  3. How many verb tenses does the English Language have
  4. Talk to Books – artificial AI
  5. Your Next Read

Links to Resources

  1. Archive of Recorded Poetry and Literature
  2. Authors Who Skype with Classes
  3. 4-Square Writing Model
  4. Library of Congress – archives of recorded poetry and literature
  5. Lit Trips in Google Earth (or for history)
  6. Owl Eyes – Read, annotate and collaborate the classics for free
  7. PBS Shakespeare Uncovered
  8. Project Gutenberg – free ebooks
  9. ReadWorks – “The largest, highest-quality library of nonfiction and literary articles, carefully curated to support reading comprehension”
  10. Smithsonian Learning Lab
  11. Socratic – digital tutorial
  12. World Digital Library

Online Courses

  1. Khan Academy – grammar lessons through online video

Why You Should

  1. Why you should read James Joyce’s “Ulysses”
  2. Why you should read Macbeth
  3. More Why You Should Read


  1. Cliche Finder
  2. Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear
  3. Plagiarism Checker
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